Training Programs

Celling Biosciences’ team of highly trained registered nurses is responsible for overseeing the use of Celling Biosciences products during all cases. Our registered nurses are boundless individuals determined to make a meaningful impact in the field of regenerative medicine.

On-site Nursing Assistance

Our specialists bring medical professionalism, passion, knowledge, and above all, patient advocacy back into the clinical environment and client relationships. Their expertise, eagerness, and confidence continue to flourish as they bring their cumulative clinical experiences into each new account. They lead by example in all situations demanding discipline and brining innovation into their daily practice.

  • Patient advocacy

  • Strong knowledge of science and stem cell regeneration

  • Provides operational efficiency through preparation and management of equipment and supplies in the surgical and non-surgical settings

  • Identifies needs of surgeon and patient for appropriate technology and applications

  • Provide guidance and support for physician

  • Assist physician with clinical studies

  • Point of contact between physician and Celling’s team of engineers and scientists

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