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Celling Biosciences is a collaboration between physicians, scientists and engineers. This collaboration provides the opportunity for scientific theory to drive biotechnology advancement for optimal clinical outcomes. The team at Celling Biosciences is pioneering autologous cell therapy at the scientific level by optimizing the collection, processing and delivery of cells through sophisticated bio-engineered systems.

Executive Leadership

Kevin Dunworth


Kevin Dunworth, Founder of Celling Biosciences, has spent more than 26 years in the orthopedic industry and brings a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the business. Dunworth has run medical companies in the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, and the United States. He excelled in various executive positions before founding VCD Medical, in Austin, Texas. For the past eight years, Dunworth has successfully built a world-class distribution business, which provides a variety of orthopedic and biologic products. Dunworth’s leadership roles within the orthopedic industry have included, Director of Emerging Markets and Director of European Sales for Smith & Nephew; Director of International Sales, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Vice President for FlouroScan International and Vice President of Sales for TransLeasing and Vice President for TransLeasing GE.

Steve Melchiode


Steve Melchiode is an experienced entrepreneur and business development professional with a focus on startup companies in the technology and healthcare sectors. Currently, Steve is the President at Celling Biosciences, a regenerative medicine and cell therapy R&D company, where he oversees a team of 75 in all operations, fundraising, sales, international development, legal and regulatory compliance activities. Steve has been with Celling Biosciences since its inception in 2006 as a medical device company and has been leading the company’s strategic development for more than a decade. Additionally, Steve has been a driving force behind the company’s evolution toward specialization in the regenerative medicine and cell therapy space. In addition to securing over $10 million in financing, Steve has been a driving force to revenue growth, moving annual revenue to over $20 million and recently leading international development efforts by opening the company’s first overseas office in Brazil, with plans to expand into Europe later this year.

R&D Leadership

Jizong Gao, MD, PhD

Vice President of Cellular Therapy

Dr. Jizong Gao has more than 30 years’ experience in research of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering reconstruction of injured muscular skeletal tissue. Dr. Gao has extensive knowledge in product development for biomaterials and translative business models for biomedical technologies. Dr. Gao re-join Celling Biosciences since last serving as the Director of Development and lead the successful introduction of the unique product “Solum IV® Bone Graft Substitute”. Dr. Gao has enjoyed successful tenures in both domestic and international companies. He was the Vice President R&D and Global Business at BioRegen Biomedical Inc. and Staff Scientist at Zimmer OrthoBiologics leading the R&D and manufacture transfer of Chondrofix® Osteochondral graft and other products for cartilage repair. Before his engagement with the biotechnology industry, Dr. Gao served as junior faculty in the Skeletal Research Center at Case Western Research University with research concentrating on bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Dr. Gao graduated from medical college, received his orthopedic training, and worked as orthopedic surgeon in Beijing Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital affiliated to Beijing Medical University. Dr. Gao received his PhD from Department of Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Linköping University, Sweden. Dr. Gao is the co-inventor of 12 patents and has more than 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Michael C. Riddle, Jr., MD

Vice President of Innovation

Michael C. Riddle, Jr., MD is a Regenerative Medicine Physician and inventor. He is an Eagle Scout and US Navy veteran. He has degrees from The George Washington University, Thomas A. Edison State College and UTMB School of Medicine. Michael has been involved with developing new technologies with regenerative medicine since 2011 and was the first to build a large lung bioreactor to grow large pig and human lungs. His team lead by Dr. Joan Nichols at UTMB was the first to grow a complete human lung using stem cells and a bioscaffold using the apparatus that Michael designed and built. Michael also designed and built an aortic valve bioreactor that is currently being used at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota to grow live pediatric heart valves. Michael is a co-author on two articles in the journal Tissue Engineering that have been published on his team’s lung research. Working with Celling Biosciences, Michael’s current projects include the development of a transplantable live osteochondral graft made from the patient’s own cells and custom human kidneys grown in the lab for transplant. Michael is also developing new methods and devices to increase the amount of mesenchymal stem cells recovered from bone marrow aspiration.

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