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Celling Biosciences is a biotech company focused on the science, research and development of autologous cellular therapy. Celling developed the first system on the market that allows a user to regulate and select a desired cell type through a patented collection window and integrated ultra-filtration system

The ART PLUS Family of products is the only integrated ultra-filtration system on the market that allows for the processing of bone marrow, peripheral blood and growth factors at the point of care.

Tissue Collection

Tissue Processing

Tissue Delivery

Celling Biosciences is taking autologous tissue processing to next generation medicine

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The scientists and engineers behind Celling Biosciences have committed themselves to developing devices, techniques and clinical processes that optimize consistent, reliable, and reproducible cell therapy solutions.

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Celling PRP, medical devices including THERMI®, PRP kits for sale, bone marrow aspiration devices, PRP Plus, BMC ART & bone marrow concentration kits & more

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