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    The next innovation in organic healing.
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    The A.R.T. of Cell Therapy
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    Autologous Regenerative Therapy

"Celling" The Next Big Thing

Helping the body heal itself – in a nutshell, that’s the science of regenerative medicine, and for many doctors, it’s the future of their practices. We’re Celling Biosciences, and we offer clinician point-of-care products and therapies to advance the science of healing and redefine the global medical landscape.

Our products support in providing options for native healing by harvesting cells from different tissues in the body, concentrating them, and delivering them. Our products can be used in-office, same day, and are changing the way doctors practice medicine.

Regenerative Therapy:
The Four Steps

Based upon years of research and clinical experience, Celling Biosciences' regenerative therapies and products are built upon a four-step process that recreates naturally-occurring cell regeneration in the human body:


An effective cell therapy begins with an efficient cell collection.


Class-leading systems for autologous blood and bone marrow concentration.


Cell-centric carriers facilitate proliferation, osteogenic gene expression, and in vivo bone growth.


Accurate administration of cell therapy products completes the four corners of healing.

The A.R.T. of Cell Therapy

Autologous Regenerative Therapy Products

*Not yet FDA approved


Autologous Regenerative Therapy. Customized for your practice.

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Celling Biosciences was formed by a team of experts in science, medicine and engineering. Although their backgrounds are diverse, they are guided by a common philosophy: regenerative medicine offers infinite potential to transform the medical landscape and improve the lives of millions.

Team Member

Kevin Dunworth

ceo & founder

Kevin Dunworth has spent more than 26 years in the orthopedic industry and brings a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the business.

Team Member

Steve Melchiode


Steve Melchiode has extensive experience guiding businesses from start-up to profitability.

Team Member

Blair Duncan


Blair Duncan has over 20 years of financial management experience in both start-up and Fortune 500 companies.

Team Member

Theodore Sand, PhD

VP Cellular Therapies & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Sand has worked in various companies involved in human diagnostics, including point-of-care, rapid diagnostic devices as well as clinical microbiology laboratory diagnostic technology.

Team Member

Dru Dunworth

General Manager

Dru Dunworth has owned and operated orthopedic distributorships for 15 years.

Team Member

Mike Smedes

VP of Sales

Mike Smedes brings a rich background in the sale of regenerative therapies and cell-centric medical devices.

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512 637 6745

Celling Biosciences, 93 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701


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