Richard Suzuki, PhD

Director of Biomaterials

Dr. Richard Suzuki decided he would get degrees by touring as many UC campuses as he could.  He started by obtaining a Chemical Engineering degree at UC Davis back in the time when the engineering building was next to the historic Hog Barn.  He then went to UCLA for a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering where he got to see TV shows being filmed on campus and experienced a major earthquake.   He then attended UC San Diego which is nearby some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  Fortunately, Richard does not like beaches at all and this prevented him from being distracted as he finished a dissertation in Bioengineering. Since coming on board with Celling back in the dark ages, he has seen the stem cell conversation shift from chiefly political to almost entirely science based conversations. Through his dedicated efforts in driving the scientific advancement of adult stem cell technologies and educating both doctors and patients, we’d like to think he played a big part in the emergence of adult stem cell treatments as a viable choice in the United States.

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