Solum IV

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Solum IV is a synthetic extracellular matrix biomaterial with a well-organized architecture of interconnective pores designed to support cell adhesion, migration, and proliferation1. Utilizing a naturally-derived biopolymer, Solum IV, when combined with bone marrow aspirate, becomes a moldable, three-dimensional structure capable of conforming to the full geometry of the recipient site creating an in vivo bioreactor for bone growth. The hydroxyapatite particles utilize their high porosity and interconnecting macro-structures to facilitate transportation of nutrients and fluids, leading to production of new tissue through cell-to-cell communication and communication with the surrounding environment.

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[toranj_title style=”lined” title=”Proprietary Processing”][toranj_list_container hover=”yes”][toranj_list_item text=”Designed for cells” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”Unique pore size and structure” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”Versatility in design” icon=”fa-check”][/toranj_list_container]
[toranj_title style=”lined” title=”Novel Structure”][toranj_list_container hover=”yes”][toranj_list_item text=”Biomimetic architecture” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”Large continuous surface area” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”Optimized to support neovascularization” icon=”fa-check”][/toranj_list_container]
[toranj_title style=”lined” title=”Environmentally Intelligent”][toranj_list_container hover=”yes”][toranj_list_item text=”Moldable” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”Supports the natural healing process” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”Facilitates proliferation*” icon=”fa-check”][/toranj_list_container]
[toranj_title style=”lined” title=”Results-Driven”][toranj_list_container hover=”yes”][toranj_list_item text=”Enhanced cell attachment*” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”Osteogenic gene expression activated in vitro*” icon=”fa-check”][toranj_list_item text=”In vivo bone growth” icon=”fa-check”][/toranj_list_container]

*Murphy et al., J. Clin. Med. 2013, 2, 49-66

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[toranj_compare_image image1=”2025″ text1=”Commercially available bone void filler with similar chemical composition. ” image2=”2026″ text2=”Celling Biosciences’ Solum IV.” gap=”20″]

MicroCT images of rabbit critical size defect at 13 weeks, new bone formation shown in purple.

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