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Celling Biosciences ART PRP products are engineered to effectively and efficiently concentrate platelets and growth factors from whole blood. The design allows a user to select the desired layer of the centrifuged stack in a controlled manner.

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(SKU: 0885-1000)

Celling Biosciences’ ART PRP surpasses the competition in every category.  The device features a thumbwheel that allows users to selectively deconstruct the fluid stack to prepare customized PRP products.

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(SKU: 0885-2000)

The ART PRP PLUS system processes autologous whole blood at the point of care. The system recovers a high percentage of platelets and growth factors by allowing a selection of concentrate from a patented controlled collection system in the centrifuged stack. The integrated filter allows for the ultrafiltration of proteins from the platelet poor plasma.

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ART Two Step

(SKU: 1651-0001)

The ART PRP Two Step is anticipated for released in August of 2018.

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