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Celling Biosciences ART BMC products are engineered to be fully integrated and disposable. The design allows for variable processing keep a buffy coat in the collection zone to eliminate turbulence in the concentration process.

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(SKU: 0886-1000)

The ART BMC system by Celling Biosciences concentrates autologous bone marrow aspirate effectively and efficiently at the point-of-care in 15 minutes. Cells, platelets, and proteins are found within the stratified stack of the bone marrow concentrate (BMC). The dual capture system of the ART BMC Plus allows users to selectively deconstruct the stack in order to optimize the composition of the final preparation (e.g. BMC, fibrinogen, etc.)

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(SKU: 0886-2000)

The ART BMC PLUS system processes autologous bone marrow aspirate at the point of care. The system recovers a high percentage of nucleated, progenitor and other cells by a selection of concentrate from a patented controlled collection system in the centrifuged stack. The integrated filter allows for the ultrafiltration of proteins from the platelet poor plasma.

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