Superior Concentration. Maximum Cell Recovery.

Autologous, Point-of-CareBone Marrow Concentrate

The ART BMC bone marrow concentration system is a best-in-class device for the point-of-care concentration of bone marrow aspirate (BMA). The system recovers the greatest percentage of nucleated and progenitor cells by allowing selection of the cell concentrate from user-defined portions of the centrifuged stack. The ART BMC Plus device features an integrated filter system for concentration of plasma without any additional sterile breaks.

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Adjustable WBC concentration without sacrificing control of final output volume

Unmatched concentration of proteins and fibrinogen

Variable processing volume supports a variety of applications


Customized fluid fractions for tailored final product (e.g. BMC, fibrinogen, etc.)

Precision thumbwheel allows for selective deconstruction of the stack for personalized fluid preparation


Eliminates turbulence by containing cells in the collection zone

Functionally closed to circumvent sterile breaks

Superior cell recovery

The ART BMC system by Celling Biosciences concentrates autologous bone marrow aspirate effectively and efficiently at the point-of-care in 15 minutes. Cells, platelets, and proteins are found within the stratified stack of the bone marrow concentrate (BMC). The dual capture system of the ART BMC Plus allows users to selectively deconstruct the stack in order to optimize the composition of the final preparation (e.g. BMC, fibrinogen, etc.)

Mesenchymal Cell Recovery* (%)

Celling Biosciences ART BMC 90%
Arteriocyte Magellan 39%
Biomet Biocue 44%
Harvest/Terumo Smart PReP2 56%
Arthrex Angel (Not Reported) %
Emcyte Genesis CS (Not Reported) %

Superior Concentration. Maximum Cell Recovery.