The ART BMC Plus features integrated fibers for plasma concentration with minimal sterile breaks to create a fluid rich containing proteins such as VEGF, PDG-F, TGF-Beta, FGF, Alpha-2 Macroglobulin, Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein, and Fibrinogen*.


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Data on File. Celling Biosciences, 2016.  

Interested in this product?

Interested in this product?


• Functionally closed system to minimize sterile breaks

• Variable processing volume supports a variety of applications

• Thumbwheel allows for selective deconstruction of fluid stack for personalized fluid products.

• Adjustable flow valve diverts fluid without additional sterile breaks.

• Integrated fibers for plasma concentrate


• Efficient concentration yields ultra-low hematocrit

• Adjustable white blood cell concentration for leukocyte-depleted product

• Unmatched concentration of molecules, including fibrinogen, myoglobin, and cytokines of similar molecular weights4.

• Customized fluid fractions for tailored final product

• Eliminates turbulence by keeping buffy coat in the collection zone • Functionally closed to minimize sterile breaks

• Consistently achieves high yields of platelets and mononuclear cells